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  • 吉林市龍運化工有限公司

    Jilin Longyun Chemical Co., Ltd. 
    Add: No. 800, Zhujiang Road, Longtan District, Jilin City, Jilin, China
    Contact: Mr. Han
    Mobile: +86-18643206666
    Tel: +86-432-63390666
    E-mail: longyun@jllychem.com 

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    Jilin Longyun Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 18th, May, 2004. It is located at No. 800 of Zhujiang Road, Longtan District, Jilin Province. Its register capital is RMB 5 million Yuan and its fixed asset is RMB 50 million Yuan. It covers an area of 15168.8 square meters. Currently, it has over 70 employees. And its annual sales are RMB 60 million Yuan.
    Jilin Longyun Chemical Co., Ltd. is integrated of research, trade and manufacturing. Nowadays, our company mainly operates polyethylene pipeline, lining bag, mulching film, shed plastic film and modified plastic raw material. Currently, we have stable customers in Jilin and Northeast region. Main line of business is polyethylene, ABS, ethylene propylene rubber, butadiene styrene rubber, chlorosulfonated polyethylene, EBS. Main organic chemical products are acrylic acid, acrylic ester, phenol, styrene, acetone and downstream products, alcohol ether, AES, Aeo9, NP-10 and etc.
    Insisting on principle of “good faith, mutual-benefit”, we expect to cooperate with domestic and abroad friends. 

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