Building the bridge for china's oversea investment cooperation

With the approval of China National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the support given by the relevant Ministries and Commissions of State Council of P.R. China and concerned international organizations, the 2nd China Overseas Investment Fair (hereafter COIFair 2010), hosted by China Industrial Overseas Development & Planning Association, will be held at the China World Trade Center, Beijing on November 2-3, 2010.

The COIFair 2010 is launched on the basis of wide-range advice, summarized experience and improvements, which are given on COIFAIR 2009. The Host will keep concentration on China overseas investment sector, in the perspective of macroscopic development and the height of industrial planning and will give priority to domestic and oversea enterprises and their specific investment projects. With the combined participation methods like Exhibition, Forum, Promotion Seminar and Matchmaking Symposium, delegations from Enterprises, Financing corporations, Governments, International Organizations, Business Associations and Intermediary Service Agencies in home and abroad will come together to construct their investment platform with targeted entrepreneurs and senior officials. The renowned entrepreneurs, officials and scholars across the world will be invited to give their professional opinions on designed hot and difficult issues and to communicate the latest information on international direct investment at the Fair, so as to create a free space for industrial information sharing and new thoughts collision.

Acting as the window for Chinese enterprises to conduct overseas investment and the door for outbound countries to attract Chinese capital, China Overseas Investment Fair has become a main and professional platform to converge professional talents, information and capital in the overseas investment sector. We sincerely invite you to participate in the Coifair 2010, through which you can get closer and deeper in touch with the whole system of china overseas investment, with views from overseas to domestic, enterprise to government, real economy to financial service, and Greenfield investment to equity merger, and finally get access to your expected resource such as capital, projects, information, people and government resources.

We are looking forward to developing mutually beneficial cooperation with you in China overseas investment sector, in the hope of benefit people of all the countries.

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